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Clicking the Disks button displays all the physical drives available in the computer and allows you to select a set of drives which are the members of a failed Storage Spaces. Keep in mind that ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery can only display storage devices for which you have access rights. You need administrator rights to see all storage devices.

For each device in the list, its name, capacity, and serial number are displayed.

To refresh the device list, click the Disks button again.

You can load disk image files by clicking a downward arrow of the Disks button.


Once you click the Start button, ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery starts to search the selected drives and/or image files for Storage Spaces metadata. This can take up to several minutes.

Recover files

If ReclaiMe File Recovery software has been already installed on the computer, then clicking the button launches ReclaiMe File Recovery, loads the Storage space configuration automatically, and then displays the partitions on the space. If you do not have ReclaiMe, you will be offered to download ReclaiMe File Recovery software.

Save config

When you start ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery, the Save config button is disabled. Save config turns on when you select a space to recover.

When you click Save config, a drop-down menu containing the following items appears:

  • Save ReclaiMe XML file - allows you to save a space configuration to an XML file which then can be loaded to ReclaiMe File Recovery to recover data from this space.
  • Save raw sector-by-sector image file - use this option to create a sector-by-sector copy of the space.

For more information about output options refer to the Copying data and output formats page.

Find drives

Clicking the button launches the search engine which looks for matches between physical drives and their identifiers. Use the button in Case II recovery.

Deep scan

Use this button in case of a totally damaged Storage Spaces database (Case III recovery). The Deep scan procedure tries to match each slab from the pool member drives to a certain space. This procedure is the most time-consuming of all and usually requires manual setup and even after being adjusted to a particular case brings only 50 to 90% of data.

Note that every time you use Deep scan you need to specify an empty folder to place the saved-state files to.

Clicking a downward arrow next to the Deep scan button allows you to load the saved-state files which were created in the previous run(s).


When you click Stop, the recovery process is terminated. You can use Stop button in Deep scan to return to the list of pools and spaces; however doing so it is impossible to get a partially recovered Storage Spaces configuration.


Clicking the Help button opens ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery manual.


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Download ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery manual Free eBook: How to recover a failed Storage Spaces


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