What you get

Each license key of ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery can be used to recover all the pools and spaces from one set of physical drives and/or disk image files.

Once you purchase ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery, you will get a license key. The key allows you to use capabilities of ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery software to recover the configuration of all the pools and spaces belonging to a particular set of physical drives. The key allows you to save contents of spaces as VHDX or raw image files. Each new set of physical drives requires a new license key.

Additionally, you will get a discount coupon to purchase ReclaiMe File Recovery Standard for a nominal fee. ReclaiMe File Recovery allows you to recover data from the spaces on a file-by-file basis.

Refund policy

If you don't achieve success in data recovery, you can ask for your money back within 30 days of order. To do so, please fill in the form on the Assistance page. Don't forget to mention your order ID so that we can process your request quickly.

The refunds are provided only if the problem cannot be resolved by our technical support team.

Payment options

Visa, MC, AmEx, PayPal

You can purchase ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery using a credit card, PayPal, or iDEAL payments. You can place the order in almost any currency.

Purchase a license

ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery, one case for one disk set
Instant purchase
  • Reconstructs failed Storage Spaces pools.
  • Saves space contents as VHDX or raw image files.
  • Saves Storage Spaces configuration in an XML file.

Discount for second and subsequent recoveries

Along with the license key you get a discount coupon for subsequent orders of ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery. If you are a data recovery specialist, you will definitely need it.

ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery license agreement.

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